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Mahogany Management Team Meeting

873815 Ontario Limited, C.O.B. as Mahogany Management

Mahogany Management is in the business of creating and managing affordable housing in the Province of Ontario. We have been creating new affordable housing for over 20 years and have earned a solid and successful reputation in this sector. Our affordable housing model is to develop quality apartments for those that need housing the most.

We work together with local residents, the municipality and community agencies to create homes that are part of the community, while providing supports for their tenants. We have worked closely with the City and various non-profit agencies and renovated or built many affordable and supportive homes.

We provide affordable and supportive housing. Our clients include the general public, CMHA, LOFT Community Services, Houselink Community Homes, Regeneration Community Services, Vita Community Homes, Woodgreen, Community Living, Better Living, Bellwoods and Good Shepherd Non-Profit Homes. Our vision and commitment to affordable housing is demonstrated by our ongoing relationships in the sector and the repeat business these relationships continue to bring us.

Mahogany has the vision, staff, experienced consultants, organizational capacity, housing development and housing management experience and the financial resources to manage the design, development and successful completion of the projects they choose to take on.

Mahogany buys, develops, improves and manages multi-unit residential properties for affordable and supportive housing purposes. They believe in quality housing. The company emphasizes caring and respect for their tenants through quality and innovation in their buildings. They oversee the development, construction, financing, tenanting and all ongoing management of their projects.

Mahogany Management's MISSION STATEMENT is to develop quality, safe, secure, community friendly, supportive, affordable and seniors housing in the Province of Ontario. The company focus is to continue to provide quality housing based on the individual needs of the client group and people they serve.


"Our sole business is affordable housing, it is what we do."

- Tim Neeb, President of Mahogany Management

Mahogany Management

200 Madison Avenue,

Toronto M4V 2W6



Mailing Address:

#57 Fire Route 133

Trent Lakes, Ontario

K0L 1J0

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
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